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Buying and selling real estate, or managing investment properties you own can be a complicated process.  Every new situation brings its own unique set of circumstances, and without the proper guidance costly mistakes can occur. 

That’s where our team can step in to help.  With our decades of experience in the local market we can handle any situation that comes up, no matter how complex it may seem. 

At Property Brokers of Southwest Missouri we:

  • Buy homes (and their contents)

  • Manage rental properties

  • Sell homes

  • Work with buyers

  • Offer advisement on real estate matters


As the seller you hope for a smooth sale and closing without unexpected complications.  With our process, that's exactly what you get.


  • No commissions (we don't charge commission because we are the buyer)

  • No repairs (we take the house as is with no repairs, updating or remodeling)

  • No loan contingencies (we pay cash)

  • No worries that the home won't sell (we are the buyer)

  • Flexible closing date (we work with your schedule)

  • No hassles (we take care of all the details)

  • We dispose of unwanted contents (take what you want, leave the rest)

  • Closing takes place at a title company and takes less than 30 minutes (out of town sellers can close by mail and do not have to be present)




We offer full service leasing and management for all kinds of rental properties. Our company has automated systems in place that create the ultimate convenience for both owners and tenants.


We pride ourselves in excellent communication so the owner stays informed in every way.  Home owners receive detailed monthly statements and will be pleased with the friendly professional service we provide.  We also offer superb tenant screening with extensive background and credit checks, incredibly fast response time that guarantees happy tenants, and much more!


With Property Brokers of Southwest Missouri you gain access to a professional team of educated marketers.  When your property is managed by us you receive the best marketing support in the area, at no extra cost.  Our marketers are highly educated in both traditional and digital media marketing to ensure that your home is rented out as quickly as possible, to a high-quality tenant.


All home owners will notice the professional difference that comes when working with an experienced, licensed Real Estate Broker.  With our extensive real estate knowledge we will advise you of the best way to build equity in your investment properties, and you can feel confident in knowing that your properties are being handled by the best in the business.

Knowing just what to do and when to do it can be a really confusing thing when it comes to dealing with real estate matters.  We are glad to offer our guidance, experience, and knowledge to help you make the best decisions possible in any situation. 

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